Want to Hire Foreigners in Japan?

A Smooth Matching Experience With the Best Candidates

A Smooth Matching Experience With the Best Candidates

Specializing in the Recruitment of Foreign Residents tsunagu Local Jobs

Challenges Related to Hiring Foreigners

tsunagu Local Jobs Can Help You Overcome These Issues!

tsunagu Local Jobs is a service that works to match companies looking to hire foreigners with foreign residents who want to pursue a career in Japan. Before the candidates are even introduced to you, our multicultural and multilingual staff determine the candidate’s Japanese level, understanding of Japanese work culture, and relevant skills in order to only introduce candidates who fit the needs and requirements of your company. This helps minimize mismatches and make the hiring process more efficient for you.

About half of the staff working at our company are foreign residents. This means that we can share advice and know-how gained from hiring and working with many foreign residents over the years since our founding in 2013. Please don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns you may have related to hiring foreigners at your company.

It costs you nothing to start using our service, nor do you have to pay for the work we do finding candidates. You can leave your job postings on our site for as long as you want until you find a suitable candidate.

We can help with any process related to hiring foreign staff, such as applying for or updating visas. If you are new to the process of hiring foreign residents or want to reduce the burden on your HR staff, leave it up to our experienced paralegals to handle the details.
*Available as an add-on service

Frequently Asked Questions

Which nationalities are most common among candidates?
Currently, candidates from English-speaking countries make up the largest percentage of our registered user base, but we also have many candidates from Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and South Korea. Also, as we have native speakers of English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai on our staff, we are able to accurately gauge each candidate’s level of foreign language proficiency.
Are there really no fees until a successful hire is made?
Yes. Our service is fully based on contingency fees, meaning that we won’t charge a single yen until a successful hire is made. We create job listings, publish them on our site, and introduce screened candidates to you for free.

*Other select add-on services are available for a fee

If I want to publish my job listing in English, will I be charged for translation?
There is absolutely no fee for translation of a job listing.
How do I start using your service?
After receiving your inquiry, our staff will contact you to explain all the details of the service. If everything is agreeable, service will start upon signing of a contract.
I worry about a new hire quitting the job quickly after starting. Is there any insurance to cover this risk?
If an employee hired through our service quits soon after starting, we will refund a portion of the contingency fee. The percentage refunded will depend on the job field, employment type, and contract, so please feel free to discuss this with us for more details.

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